Before Hiring A Siding Contractor You Should Know What To Ask

A true benefit of siding installation on a home is the value and curb appeal it will add. In addition to those to items, when it’s properly installed, it can protect someone’s home from the elements for years to come. Often a homeowner is not sure what to ask a siding contractor to determine if they’re reputable or not. Price should not always be the determining factor as to whether or not you should hire someone. A company that offers prices well below other contractors may not be supplying all of the necessary things a contractor should.


A homeowner should always check the building codes in the area. Some states, cities or townships require a siding contractor to be licensed. The siding installation company should also provide workers’ compensation insurance. This type of insurance covers employees while they’re on the job in case they should become injured. This serves as protection to the owner of the property. Workers’ compensation insurance covers the employees but not your property against damage. The installer should provide general liability insurance for property damage. For example, if the installer breaks a window or damages a portion of your home installing the siding, their general liability insurance will protect a homeowner against being responsible to pay for the repairs. Always ask to see both of the policies before the job begins.

Hiring a contractor to install siding is just as important as hiring a roofer. When storms occur in various parts of the country, less than reputable companies will attempt to make a fast profit by feeding off the dismay of a homeowner that are trying to restore the condition of their home back to new. These companies will not have the necessary insurance coverage needed to complete the job and don’t have a physical office location. They operate their business from a construction vehicle and a cell phone. It’s important to stay away from these types of businesses.

You can also find more information about a siding contractor by contacting the Better Business Bureau. You can find their business rating and how they respond to a customer’s questions or complaints. In addition, the BBB will offer helpful tips for hiring a variety of contractors to perform various jobs.

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